Giving is better than receiving…

The Sex Workers’ Outreach Project (SWOP) is an organization committed to supporting human rights specifically to those who work in the sex industry. They work hard to educate, provide resources, end violence and stigma, and support those in the industry. The ultimate goal is decriminalization, and they can use all the support they can get!

This cause is very near & dear to my heart! If you are someone who respects workers, feels that we need to end the stigma, is saddened by the violence, or just wants to show your support from afar, please donate!

You can also donate hygiene products as well. Travel size shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brush, tampons, deodorant, etc are all useful & needed items. Please contact for shipping address.

All you need to do is donate a minimum of $20, and you will receive premium content from me! The larger the donation, the hotter the content!

*Must show proof of donation or items sent!