I love that you’re thinking of me…

Want to send me a little something, just because? A token of appreciation, maybe? I’m flattered!

I love plants, flowers, and succulents of all varieties. Gardening accessories, a new plant baby, or even a simple new pot will make my day!

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are the foundation of my life! Yoga props or accessories, books on mindfulness or meditation, trinkets, incense, or a candle will make my heart soar!

Thinking something a little sexier? A gift card to Adore Me or sexy set of your choice is always a fun surprise!

Height: 5’2

Weight: 108lbs

Sizes: XS, 32D, Petite

Shoe size: 7.5

If none of these quite strike your fancy, gift cards are always appreciated, or peruse my Amazon wishlist!