Please put your best foot forward in you initial contact! A proper introduction includes your name, date, time, and duration request, as well as screening information. If you are unsure what screening information I require, please simply click on the Book Me button on any page, and it will guide you through the screening process. All information can be sent directly to my private email as well, which can be found on the Contact page.


Please leave donation out in plain sight upon arriving, such as the nightstand, dresser, or bathroom counter. Please do not make me ask for it, as this dampens the mood of our engagement! I want my focus to be solely on enjoying you and our time together. I’m certain you want the same! This is achieved by handling certain matters transparently, discreetly, and promptly.


Please be on time to your appointment. Things come up, I understand! If you are running behind, please let me know and try to keep me updated on your arrival time, as I will do my best to accommodate you if I’m able.

Please do not overstay your welcome. I often have other obligations during my day, and it is a turn off when I feel my time is being taken advantage of. If I have a few extra minutes I am willing to spend with you, it is my gift to you & I will let you know, but please do not push or ask for extra time “off the clock.”


Please arrive freshly showered and freshened up for our date. If you are coming from another engagement, I provide fresh towels and hygiene products for you as well. Please take advantage! I will be freshly showered and perfumed for you; please do the same for me!

“Off the Clock” Time

I do not date. I do not hang out “off the clock.” Please do not ask. Any time spent together is compensated for according to donation. In the event I offer a special discount, that is a gift from me and will not be offered when asked.